Can’t live without apps

Getting everything ready for your holidays can be challenging, so for a stress-free journey, we’ve gathered a bunch of neat apps for your to download on your smartphones and help make your travel planning a whole lot easier.


01-tripit-322x572 02-tripit-322x572

No more frantic searching for confirmation emails in your inbox. Tripit automatically connects to your email accounts, finds travel-confirmation emails, and turns them into a neat, complete itineraries. It comes with several other features and most notably, you can share your trip itineraries with your family so they know where you are or where you will be.

Available from the App Store or Google Play

packing pro

iPad-03-ExpertNot only does this app help you save some time, but it also gives you ideas (Why didn’t I think about packing that?) It provides sample packing lists to get you started and you can customize them and even make lists within lists (oooh!). If you’re packing for several people (like a large family trip), it allows you to create a master family packing list that can then be sorted by each member — hubby, wife, son, daughter. Taking grandma, too? You can add anyone using any name (Grams, Oma, Nonna) by selecting a “new person” tab. Brilliant!

Available from the App Store


01xe-currency-322x572 02xe-currency-322x572

Forget your phone calculator and tedious mental calculations every time you need to pay for something, just use the XE Currency app and convert away. Straight-forward, easy-to-use app and very, very essential.

Available from the App Store or Google Play



Guess what Bali? Uber is finally on the island and we are stocked! We are still giddy over the fact that we don’t need to worry about small change or not having enough cash!

Available from the App Store or Google Play


service-gofoodCar-maggedon is a reality in Bali and Go-Jek has just made our daily lives more manageable. Forgot something from your grocery list? Need to buy one item at a shop on the other side of town? Rush hour and you need a quick ride? Or simply just feel like chilling in your villa and need food delivery? Go-Jek has your back.

Available from the App Store or Google Play


Main_Menu Report_Menu

This Google owned user-generated app helps you avoid the frustration of getting stuck in endless traffic with real-time notifications, listing the areas where the traffic is bad and why.

Available from the App Store or Google Play

word power

01-wordpower-322x572 02-wordpower-322x572

It’s a fun quiz game using flashcards to help you learn some basic Bahasa Indonesian words and sentences that will score you some extra brownie points with the locals. You get rated for your progress and won’t advance to higher levels until you answer all correctly.

Available from the App Store or Google Play