Get your motor running: where to get petrol in Seminyak?

There is no better way to explore Bali than on a scooter. It gives you the freedom to go at your own pace and steer you to things you might not otherwise experience. You can ask the staff at your villa to assist you in renting a scooter.

The price to rent is usually between USD5 and USD7 per day and lucky for you – It will have next to no petrol in it or just enough to get you 20 minutes worth of riding at best. So, you will need to know where to find some before your scooter stops and you become stranded in the jungle.

If it’s your first time riding a scooter in Bali, you might be asking yourself ‘Where the hell is the nearest petrol station?” as you cruise along the streets of Seminyak, in search of the precious petrol pump that will deliver the much needed fuel to keep your motor running. Here’s the thing, there are no conventional petrol stations in Seminyak. For that, you’ll need to drive towards Sunset Road to get to one of the 4 petrol stations called Pertamina. They look something like this:

Pertamina_station_BaliAnd are located here:

Depending on the size of your fuel tank (located under your seat), it would probably cost somewhere around IDR 15,000 (USD 1,15) and IDR 30,000 (USD 2,30) to fill your scooter. A full tank should be enough to keep your scooter driving for 120 kilometers at least.

Now, if you’re terrified of going anywhere near Sunset Road (understandable) or you think your tank will be completely dry before you get anywhere near any of those petrol stations, then your second option is to keep your eyes peeled for the yellowy bottles of Absolut Vodka on the side of the road. Yes, these!

petrol_bottlesYou wont drive long without passing a street stall selling these bottles. If you are filling up by the vodka bottle (approx 1 liter), you generally want to pay between IDR 8,000 (USD 0,60) and 10,000 (USD 0,75) per bottle. Again, depending on the size of your tank, 2 bottles will give you about three-quarters of a tank to a full one. They are commonly used and most riders never have an issue with them.

Happy exploring and be safe!