Your Seminyak Taxi Guide (updated)

Updated on 13/6/2017

Besides renting a motorbike or hiring a personal driver, taxis are the most convenient way to travel short distances around Bali. Though there is never a shortage of taxis in the Seminyak area, there can certainly be much confusion circulating around. How much should you pay? Which companies are the most reputable? Luckily, once you know the tips below, hailing the right taxi will be a piece of cake! Here’s your Seminyak Taxi Guide!

Blue Bird Group

Seminyak Taxi

As it turns out, there is a distinction in the quality of taxis on the island of Bali. Issues can range from the drivers charging exorbitant fees and not turning the meter on to pretending they don’t have change for your 100.000 rupiah note. This kind of hassle adds an unnecessary annoyance in the trip. Over the years, the Bluebird Taxi Group has earned a stellar reputation amidst the sea of fraudulent taxi fleets; in general, their cars are in great condition, their drivers are honest and held accountable, plus they have a great 24/7 phone line where you can reach an actual human voice any time of the day.

Warning: don’t be confused by the many other companies who have tried to replicate the Bluebird brand! Trying to leverage on Bluebird’s widespread positive recognition, taxi fleets all over the island have been styled to look almost exactly the same – a sky blue car with a bird logo on the front and side — without providing the same level of services. Most transports experiences in Seminyak are harmless, but if you want to play it safe and stick with Bluebird, follow these tips to ensure ordering or catching a taxi involves minimal stress.

1) Order a Bluebird Taxi ahead of time

If you know you will be in need of a taxi ride, it is always best to call their hotline and order one in advance: +62 (0) 361 701 111. They also have a new mobile app so you can order a taxi online through your phone. This way, a car and driver will arrive at your exact location at whatever time you have specified and there will be no question about the legitimacy of the taxi. With an especially fast response time (5-10 minutes), this is a good option even if you are already standing on the street ready to be picked up.

2) Some key identifying signs of a Bluebird Taxi:Bluebird Taxi Seminyak

  • Four-door sky blue car with dark blue writing
  • Bird logo set in a diamond shape on the side and top of the car
  • ‘Blue Bird Group’ on the front windshield
  • Rear and side body number consisting of two letters (VV or RB) followed by four digits (remember this body number in case you need to identify the taxi again for any reason, i.e. forgotten belongings)

3) Make sure the meter is on and the starting rate is IDR 7.000

When you first get into a Bluebird taxi, the meter should be on, and the base price is seven-thousand rupiah (approximately $0.52). Having a consistent base price to look for means that you won’t have to worry about negotiating a price for the ride once you arrive at your destination.

4) Keep small rupiah notes with you

This rule is universal to all travel within Bali and Indonesia. Sometimes shopkeepers or drivers really don’t have change when you hand them a large 100.000 rupiah note. Thus, it is always beneficial to try and keep some 10.000 and 20.000 notes on you.

Blue Bird Group
Order by Phone #: +62 (0) 361 701 111
Customer Care Phone #:(0361) 701 621

Grab Taxi & Uber

Grab Taxi

Both Grab Taxi and Uber have been concurring te taxi market in the last couple of years, making it easy and very affordable for locals and tourists to get around in the south of Bali Island. With the App, you can plan your trip from A to B in no time. The driver nearest to you will pick you up and the rate is set up front (and it is cheap!). Hence, there will be no hassle upon arrival at your place of destination. Tipping is welcome, though!

Of course, the competitors of the Bali taxi market aren’t too app with the arrival of such a great cheap alternative. Therefore, Grab taxi and Uber have been banned around some busy tourist areas. You can still get to your destination of choice, but going back may be tricky. Most drivers don’t dare to enter a hostile area, looking for you (making it obvious he is a Grab or Uber driver). This means you need to deal with the local taxi mafia. A way to avoid this is to walk a couple kilometres away from the tourist hotspot. You can also make an agreement with your Grab Taxi driver up front, so he knows exactly what time and where to pick you up (making him look like your personal driver).


Go-Jek is one of the greatest inventions of Indonesia in the last couple of years, making your holiday or life in Bali so much more convenient and easy. Not only does Go-Jek offer taxi and motorbike services (look out for those green helmets), the Go-Jek drivers can also deliver food and goods to wherever you are (even on the beach!). You can also order a massage therapist to come to your villa. Prices are transparent and there are so many Go-jek drivers around, that you never have to wait a long time. Learn more about the Go-Jek services here, as they offer much more handy services. Download the app on your smartphone and you can start. easy just like that! Everyone needs a go-jek at some point during their holiday!

Private Car and Driver

Want to go sightseeing, travelling to several hot spots of Bali Island? In this case, we advise you to get a private car with a chauffeur. This way you can go wherever you like and don’t have to worry about finding a taxi back. Prices start from Rp. 500.000 a day including petrol for a day trip of 8 to 10 hours. Ask the staff of your villa about the possibilities, they will be happy to assist!

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