Where to find local food in Seminyak

One of the reasons you came to Bali is, of course, the food! Do you love Indonesian food as much as we do? You will after this next villa holiday to Bali! Here’s where to get your share of excellent local food in Seminyak:

1) Local warungs

Where to get local food in Seminyak

Warung Melati Seminyak —> get your plate of ‘nasi campur’ Photo credit:¬†warungmelatilegian on Instagram

Your first stop should be a humble little local warung on the roadside. Nothing fancy but authentic and absolutely delicious home-cooked Indonesian cuisine! I’d say, the best local food is found at eating places like Warung Murah on the road to Double Six Beach, Warung Melati off Nakula Street and Warung Eny on Jalan Petitenget. How does it work? You gotta go for a plate of ‘nasi campur’! Walk in, choose your rice (nasi putih = white rice, nasi kuning = yellow rice and nasi merah = brown/red rice) and point at the dishes on display to design a plate of your likings. Don’t forget the sambal (try sambal matah!). Happy munching!

Want to go Balinese? Try the traditional suckling pig, locally called ‘babi guling’.

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2) Indonesian restaurants

where to find local food in seminyak

Indonesian haute cuisine in Seminyak. Photo credit: sarongrestaurant on Instagram

Are you staying in a private villa in Seminyak? You are in luck, Seminyak is home to some of the best and most celebrated restaurants in all of Bali. At restaurants like Sarong, Merah Putih, Ginger Moon and Bambu, you get to taste the finest flavours Indonesia has to offer. Try the traditional ‘Rijsttafel’ – a chic version of nasi campur, where you can try a little bit of everything, sharing it all with your friends and/or family. Most of the time, they’ve got cool infused cocktails (or ice teas), too, inspired by Indonesia.

3) Night market on Nakula

local food seminyak

Fried bananas on the nightmarket in Seminyak. Yummy!

The night market on Jalan Nakula is the place to ‘go local’ – for real! Colourful, lively, cheap and plenty of choices of food. Fried rice, fried noodles – you can get just about anything fried on the night markets in Indonesia! Try martabak and satay! Thinking about what to have for dessert? Go for ‘pisang goreng’ – fried bananas. Yum!

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